Online Submission Guidelines

Online Submissions

  1. Before you begin
    Please see our information pages on Publication Ethics.
  2. Account registration
    Submission to this journal proceeds online via the homepage of this journal. Author has to sign up for an account before submitting articles. One account can be used to submit more than one article and for different volume of publication.
    The procedure to create new account :
    1. Open the homepage of this journal :
    2. Choose Register in the menu to make a new account
    3. Fill the data as required :
      1. Username
      2. Password (min. 6 characters)
      3. Re-enter password 
      4. Validation
      5. Salutation (optional)
      6. First Name
      7. Middle Name (optional)
      8. Last Name
      9. Initials (optional)
      10. Gender (optional)
      11. Affiliation (optional)
      12. Signature (optional)
      13. Email
      14. Confirm Email
      15. ORCID iD (optional)
      16. URL (optional)
      17. Phone (optional)
      18. Fax (optional)
      19. Mailing address (optional)
      20. Country (optional)
      21. Bio Statement (optional)
      22. Confirmation (click the box)
      23. Register As (click the box as Reader and Author)
    4. Please read the Privacy Statement provided at the last part on register page.
    5. Click “Register” in the end of the page to finish new account registration process.
  3. Download format
    Please download article template of this journal and read carefully every instruction in the format guideline.
  4. Submission article
    Please see our information about submission guideline for submit the article.
  5. Peer review process
    Each manuscript submitted to Journal of Engineering and Management in Industrial System that meet our basic criteria will be peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers in the related topic. Chief editor will make final decision according to the comments of reviewers. The result may be accepted with no revision, accepted with minor revision(s), accepted with major revision(s), or rejected. Certain information about accepted and published article or rejected article is given to the author(s) by email. The author(s) have opportunity to correct the article based on reviewers’ suggestions. The accepted articles will be available online (free download) following the journal peer-reviewing process.
  6. After acceptance
    Corresponding authors will receive notification via email to access the online proofing system of this journal. Annotation and correction will be provided in a web-based proofing system. The corresponding authors will be able to revise or give comments to the article directly in the system to answer questions from Editor and Reviewers.
    The corresponding authors can choose to upload the revised version of article (in MS Word format) instead of web-based proofing system.
    Responses to the comments will affect the status of an article. It is important to ensure all corrections is sent to the editor in one communication.
    The accepted articles will be uploaded on Archives menu in the journal webpage. The journal is an open access and the articles are free to download.
  7. Author inquiries
    Visit the webpage and see About in the menu to get contact person or editorial team information to whom you can ask questions in case you find problems or ask the status of your submitted articles.